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Jim Coates, PhD
Acting Resume


Byline Louis Ferrari (starring) "B" Movies Productions
Candidate Kid Police Chief Whittman Incline Productions
Gunfighter Nathaniel Case (featured) Lindsay Shonteff Productions
"Volatile" Al Brown (starring) Illinois Film Festival (Award winner)
Sunstroke (w/ Jane Seymour) Bar Party Animal HBO Cable (dir., James Keach)
Awakening Lands (Hal Holbrook) Pioneer, Stand-in Burbank Studios (dir., Boris Sagal)
Virtual Justice (video) Parent & V.O. (featured) ASU Inst. for Arts (dir., Muriel Magenta)
Job Training Series (video) Interviewer (8 variations) U. of Minn. (Indust. Psych. Dept.)
"The Roofer Program" (video) Spokesperson US Army CERL

COMMERCIALS (List available on request)


THEATRE (Additional roles available upon request)

Murder at Rutherford House Wendle Weedle (lead; 600+ perfs) Scene-of-the-Crime Prods.
Murder at Greystone Manor Harold Joy (major: 400+ perfs) Scene-of-the-Crime Prods.
Murder and the Family Jewels Butler A. Butler (lead) Hueydot Productions
Below the Belt (Dresser) Dobbitt (major) Actors Theatre of Phoenix
Closet Madness (Shisgal) Billy Wesker (major) Actors Theatre of Phoenix
Waiting for Godot (Beckett) Lucky (major) Station Theatre
Candida (Shaw) Marchbanks (major) Illinois Summer Rep. Co.
The Country Wife (Wycherley) Pinchwife (lead) Krannert Center for Perf. Arts
Faust, Part I (Goethe) Faust (u/s to Edw. Atienza) Krannert Center for Perf. Arts
South Pacific (Rogers/Hammerstein) Capt. Brackett (major) Sunshine Playhouse
Richard III (Shakespeare) Richmond (major) Miller Theatre
You Know I Can't Hear You ... Jack & other roles (lead) Theatre-on-the-Ridge


Commercial Acting Classes with Elayne Stein
Improvisation Classes with Louis Anthony Russo (dec.)
Guerilla Auditioning Workshop (16 hours) with Donna Ekholdt & Mark Sikes
Intensive Auditioning Workshop (16 hours) with Perry Bullington

THEATRE: Ph.D. ('84) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with Barnard Hewitt (dec.)

TEACHING: Theatre Educator (since 1969) and Director (75 theatre productions)

ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE: AmSAT-certified teacher ('88) with Joan & Alex Murray

DANCE: Patricia Hruby, Suzanne Oliver, One Plus One . . ., Aurora Villacorte.

Dialects and Voices (Most U.S. regional patterns, plus Cockney, High British, Irish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Caribbean, character voices, emotions, ages, health, animal noises),
Dance (Modern, Contact Improvisation, Social, and Ballroom), Teaching the Alexander Technique, Roller Skating (Street and Rink), Juggling, Public Speaking, Softball, the Internet, and, of course, Hambone!

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