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   If I am to believe my older sister (and I always have to, according to her, because she's older always: simple seniority), I have always been "dramatic." She reminds me as a kid at the dinner table I would suddenly grasp my throat and groan as I careened off the chair for no apparent reason. My father used to look down at me and shake his head saying, "You are a character, Mister!" Of course, my bright-eyed daft reply to him was, "Which one? Donald Duck? Mickey Mouse? Goofy? (Uh-hyuk!)"

   My mother would chuckle at me, Dad would throw up his hands in dismay, and my sister would stomp off to her room in disgust at having been upstaged by her little brother's cheap antics once again. Ahhhhhh, another successful performance. Leaping to my feet, I would sweep through a huge, deep, ceremonious, nonetheless gracious bow and exit. Even no applause could not disuade me from cultivating my childhood theatrics, nor did anything distract me from eventually earning my living that way.

   I regularly free-lance my LIVE acting skills to advertising, entertainment, educational, and convention businesses, portraying everything from generic costumed characters, like an old prospector, a witch doctor, or a strawberry, to specifically tailored, highly detailed, or historically accurate representations, such as William Shakespeare, Dr. Charles "Crazy Charlie" Dotter, Richard Sears, or Ty Cobb. I especially love the challenge of quirky, odd, or hard-to-cast assignments.

   As an ON-CAMERA (SAG-eligible) actor, I am currently auditioning and available for work on union and non-union projects, including (but not limited to) commercials, industrials, films, TV/radio programs, cable broadcasts, voice-overs, and Internet applications. I am represented professionally in Arizona by Dani's Agency.

   I also free-lance ON-CAMERA with independent film producers. My last project, "Byline," (I play Louis Ferrari, a veteran USO performer) can be viewed online at Ghostwriter Films.

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