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Jim Coates PhD
Alexander Technique Teaching Fees

Single Lesson* $75
Five Lesson Package ($70 per lesson) $350
Ten Lesson Package ($65 per lesson) $650
Thirty Lesson Package ($60 per lesson) $1800
Local outcall at your location (per lesson) (add $10)
"Distance" Outcall Charge (per lesson) (add $15)
*A lesson = A private, one-on-one, half-hour, hands-on session

"Standard" Lecture-Demonstration (60 minutes) Negotiable
"Custom" Lecture-Demonstration (specific to your needs) CALL ME

   "The Alexander Technique is a master key to health, clarity and happiness. I've had many skilled teachers in my 14 years of experience with the Technique, and I can tell you without exaggeration there is none better, more powerful and clear than Jim Coates. We are so fortunate to have this remarkable certified teacher of the Alexander Technique right here in Arizona."

(Tom Russell, Financial Planner, Payson Arizona)