Jim Coates, PhD
Professional Actor and Teacher

   I'm a professional character actor (SAG-eligible, non-union), a  private teacher of the Alexander Technique (since 1988), an acting coach, a theatre raconteur, and a lecturer and consultant on Theatre Arts and the Humanities. My background over the past thirty-seven years, first as a student, then as a full professor teaching and directing Theatre not only has provided me with broad and in-depth historical knowledge of the art of acting, but also has sharpened my numerous improvisational skills and my myriad abilities in interactive audience situations, or the craft of acting.

   My experience includes acting for the camera, as well as acting live in public performances, for both large audiences and small groups, in many different settings, at various venues, inside as well as outside. I'm talented, educated, articulate, personable, a skilled listener, and thanks to the Alexander Technique, I have the stamina of a bull moose. Allow me to create some vivid, colorful, powerful, memorable characters for your live or on-camera projects. Allow me to teach the Alexander Technique to you and your staff or organization.

   If you've read this far, then obviously I've attracted your attention: so, now let me attract attention for you and your business! Hire me to share with you some specific methods for auditioning, evaluating, employing, and communicating with actors as powerful creative consultants on your upcoming promotional projects, to achieve higher levels of market impact for your company. Contact me now.