Jim Coates, PhD
(Coach, Consultant, and Lecturer)

Available Courses and Workshops

   In addition to acting and coaching actors, I'm also a professional theatre consultant and lecturer. My wealth of experience, training, and knowledge, combined with my professional speaking skills, make me an ideal choice for your consulting needs or Speaker's Bureau. I specialize in three areas.

ACTING COACH: Audition Preparation (breathing, improvising, cold-reading, memorizing, interviewing), Character Study (analyzing, developing, discovering), Rehearsal Application (experimenting, selecting, polishing, recording), Scene Study (giving, taking, playing), and Performance Balance (waiting, acting, reflecting), with attention to William Gillette's "Illusion of the First Time,"

THEATRE CONSULTANT: My experience includes projects involving theatre architecture and design, not-for-profit theatre operations, theatre organization, found-space theatres, fundraising, board development, development of theatre curricula in educational settings (all levels: pre-school, primary, secondary, higher, public, and private);

ARTS & HUMANITIES LECTURER: "The Value of Play in Individual and Social Development," "Socially Acceptable Ways to Ventilate Frustrations," "My Mom's Rule is 'You Know Better'," and other socially relevant, humor-driven topics; please email me with your specific needs and tastes. I am a full Professor of Theatre (retired) with more than a quarter of a century of in-the-classroom teaching experience; I hold a BA (Speech and Theatre,'69) from Slippery Rock University, PA, and an AM (Theatre,'73) and PhD (Theatre,'84) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 1988, I completed a three year (1600 hour) AmSAT Certified teacher training program in the Alexander Technique at Urbana (IL) Center for the Alexander Technique.

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